Balustrades for Balconies

Made in Wales installed in Carmarthenshire

Balustrade Styles & Options

There are two styles of balustrades with almost endless design options, they are posted and frameless systems.

Posted systems... with glass, bars & rope in stainless steel frames

Frameless systems... with glass supported in a glazing channel

Where can balustrades be used?

Both systems can be used on balconies, patios, decking, Juliet balconies and stairways along with many other areas. We offer completely free of charge surveys and pricing with absolutely no obligation, so call us to discuss your options or make an appointment for us to visit you.

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Can balustrades be used both inside and outside?

Yes. Balustrades and handrails are manufactured using specific materials depending on whether they are for internal or external use. It is vital that the correct materials are used for specific areas of use.For more information on the correct specification of materials, please click here.

How safe are balustrades?

As beautifully aesthetic as they are, balustrades are firstly safety barriers that prevent us from suffering harm. For more information about safety standards and regulations please click here.

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