BIAB Supply Only Systems

Balustrades - in a Box

BIAB is designed to assist and partner with you to achieve a successful glass balustrade installation project, on a supply only basis.

We know the way to achieve this is through sound communications and confirmed information.

BIAB takes you from design and specification through to installation.

How it works

STEP 1   Get in touch with us by email, phone or send us a Quick Enquiry FORM.

STEP 2   We establish what you are looking for and provide advice on the options available.   

STEP 3   Once enough information has been collected an estimate or quotation is provided.


STEP 4   When an order is received, we then take full responsibility for all site surveys, dimensions, design and UK Building Regulations Part K

STEP 5   Once your system is ready for installation it is delivered to site.



See what's in the box below..........


Site Survey & Setting Out

We visit site and complete all surveys. While on site fixing centers are clearly marked ready for drilling. 



Once a survey has been completed, we finalise design details taking into account every aspect of your site. 



Final installation drawings are then completed.

Part K.png

Building Regulations Certified

All components supplied with printed certified for conformity to UK Building Regulations.


Delivered to Site

We deliver direct to your site.

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The contents of the box

  • All metal work pre-fabricated - NO cutting or drilling required by you.

  • All metal work & components pre-assembled ready to install. All Individually marked. 

  • All glass panels individually marked and stacked in installation order.

  • All fixings and fixing resins or mortars.

  • Full installation guide prepared for your particular balustrade.

  • List of all tooling required.

  • Local support contact telephone numbers and email address.

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