British Standards & UK Building Regulations

Glass balustrades are highly attractive, however, as good as they look their primary function is to protect people and animals from falling.

The design, planning, fabrication and installation of glass balustrades, and their protection of people from falling, is guided by Part K of UK Building Regulations 2010 and British Standards. They include:

  • BS6399: Part 1: 1996 load ratings

  • BS 6180 Code of practice for barriers

  • BS EN 12150 Standard for glass in buildings

  • PD 6688-1-1:2011 Recommendations for the design of structures

On Completion of any order whether supply only or installation,

each system is issued with a certificate of conformity.

Each certificate specifies:


  • Load chart

  • Glass load calculations

  • Fixings

  • Components

This document contains the relevant information for local authority Building Control.

To read UK Building Regulations Part K, please click here.

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